THEN: Canton Village Square
            Circa 1910?

NOW: Canton Village Square
           Looking south on Rt 108, 2017

Canton Then and Now

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THEN:  Canton train depot, circa 1937. Fourth from left, Ruth Lindley Martin, daughter of       John T Lindley, owner of  Lindley's Drug Store. (Can anyone identify the others in the photo?)

NOW: Canton depot now beautifully renovated to become The Canton Caboose.History and ice cream! (L to R: Emily Bourassa, Owner; Lauren Ferland; John Therrien; and Kaicey

THEN: Canton Village Square, Circa 1900
            Courtesy of the Maine Memory Network, Maine Historical Society

NOW: Canton Village Square, 2017

THEN: The Revere House Hotel 1914

NOW: Site of the Revere House Hotel (Across from the Canton Caboose. On the Big Apple corner.) 2017

THEN: Canton Opera House (later the Odd       Fellows Hall) Circa ?


NOW: The former site of the Canton Opera       House and Odd Fellows Hall, 2017

THEN: Main Street, Coming from the lake
Circa . . .?

NOW: Main Street, Rt 140, 2017

THEN: Aerial view of Canton Circa 1950's? (The Buildings marked with red are the only existing buildings in 2017.)


THEN: The Highlands, Lindley Road
            Circa 1923

NOW: The Highlands, Lindley Road